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OMS (Operational Management Solutions Srl) was founded in 2013 to provide consulting services, solutions development and staff training. In comparison with similar companies we come with a new concept, which is our first objective - to improve management systems by developing customized integrated solutions for systems management together with our customers web-based platforms (Intranet Portals). We provide consultancy in management systems design, implementation, certification and improvement, based on ISO TS 16949,ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards, we develop IT systems complementary to ERP systems in order to sustain a proper implementation of Lean Manufacturing related methods and we provide trainings for quality management in automotive industry and environmental management.

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Operational Management Solutions 117715 - Stefanesti, Strada Calea Bucuresti, nr. 99, Arges county- Romania

Romanian: +40 (0) 744 422 046
Marius OPREA - Commercial Manager| Consultant| Trainer

English: +40 (0) 724-349179
Alexandru TUDOSE - Systems Development Leader| Consultant| Trainer

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Our Values

MISSION: To be together with our customers the best developers of smart solutions for systems management in the 21st century and beyond.

VISION: To develop together custom tailor-made integrated solutions for systems management so that all data and information to be accesible from everywhere to everyone.


We provide:


We start by providing consulting services for a Volkswagen 1st tier supplier. Since 2013 we extend our portofolio by cooperation with other 1st tier suppliers for Dacia-Renault and 2nd tier suppliers from other Romanian regions.

We are a team with more than 20 years of experience in automotive industry, in quality and integrated systems management.
Our competences includes ISO TS 16949, ISO 14001-OHSAS 18001 and customer specific requirements such are Renault ASES, VW Formel-Q,..

We deliver consulting programmes for automotive industry, and we can help you by:

Design, implement and ensure certification of integrated management systems

This is our core activity and through it we differentiate from other consulting comapnies. We include in our management systems consulting programmes implementation of Intranet portal in customer site.

An integrated management system it is a system which combines multiple standards (like ISO TS 16949, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001, including customer specific requirements into a single system. O.M.S. develops such systems together with its customers by integrating processes through workflows sustained by Intranet portals.

Starting from our mission – to develop together tailor-made solutions for systems management, we offer the opportunity to develop together management systems, by involving your employees, in your site - systems modeled on your business/ processes.

2.1 Performing consulting activities for IATF 16949, ISO 14001 and 45001 standards

IATF 16949 consulting services

O.M.S. will start QMS design and implementation process with a initial assesment. During this 0 phase we will analyze your current processes to see the gaps between your procedures and ISO TS-customer specific requirements, as well as the possibility for implementation of best industry practices in your process. Then, we will initiate and use a implementation programme based on actions defined as following findings. Consultants always will focus on savings and improvements within your company.

Environmental, occupational health and safety management systems

OMS consultants has experience in implementation of integrated management systems according ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 requirements for various companies, especially within automotive industry. Their know-how and experience is not limited only to standard understanding, they have skills also in interpretation of national/ European regulations and practical appliance of them.

2.2 Consulting activities related to Customer Specific Requirements

During years, O.M.S. consultants earn experience in merging customers QMS with CSR - customers specific requirements. By working for various customers within automotive industry, including OEM and 1st tier suppliers, O.M.S. specialists gather experiences with Renault ASES, VW Group Formel-Q, so on.

Support your system with our Intranet Portal

In present time, most of tier1 suppliers integrate their QMS in Intranet, by using web sites deployed internally in their networks.

Document Controller System

Document Controller System module is a central reository of documented information for an organization, being a very good support for IATF 16949 implementation and operation. This module allows defining documents, records, link them to ISO requirements, approve and distribute information throughput entire organization.

Global Action Plan

Global Action Plan module is designed to be a single repository of all problems issued by the organization. It is based on G8D approach and workflows between team members.

All software modules are GNU GPL licensed.

OMS Senior consultants available to work with you!

O.M.S. specialists has been worked in QMS consulting since the beginning of '90s, when Renault Groupe aquire Dacia. Then, they have been involved in many projects for various automotive 1st and 2nd tier suppliers which use different processes, examples: assembly of instrument clusters, assembly of sun rolls, plastic moulding, rubber extrusion,...


Working with us you will receive free one month consulting services and open source materials.

We provide trainings in quality and environmental management for automotive industry companies.

Quality Management for automotive industry

Specification ISO TS 16949 contains numerous additional requirements to ISO 9001. Without their understanding, implementing an effective quality management system in the automotive industry is difficult. The purpose of this course is to familiarize staff with the requirements of ISO TS 16949 certified companies, staff who will be involved in implementing or improving a management system, or to be formed as internal auditor. Therefore this course is addresed to management, heads of departments, internal auditors, other specialists.

1. General trainings

We group in general trainings all items related to ISO TS 16949 whithout customer requirements, from ISO TS 16949 induction training up to project management in automotive industry.

2. Customer specific requirements

In addition to ISO TS 16949 requirements there are lot of customer requirements which shall to be fullfiled by any parts supplier. If for example you deliver parts to Renault-Nissan you have to integrate in your QMS Renault's requirements as it are stated in "Customer-Specific Requirements For Use With ISO/TS 1694." This is a document published on on IATF site - here is a link. OEM Customer-Specific Requirements . Car-makers customer specific requirements (some of them) are available in this site, other in customer's Extranet.

3. Environmental Management

Goal of this courses is to train employees in utilization of methods for implement and operate an Environmental Management System. We train future environmental management specialists and internal auditors for organizations which want to implement and certify an environmental management system according ISO 14001.

OMS Trainers

We are people with large practical experience in presented themes and experience in providing training for employees from automotive industry.This experience includes several years of working in multinational companies and involvement in various projects for Volkswagen Group, Renault-Nissan, from product development to serial life – complete modules. OMS’s trainers were and are collaborators for TUV, Omnex and Technical University of Pitesti.


Operational Management Solutions 117715 - Stefanesti, Strada Calea Bucuresti, nr. 99, Arges county- Romania

Romanian: +40 (0) 744 422 046
Marius OPREA - Commercial Manager| Consultant| Trainer

English: +40 (0) 724-349179
Alexandru TUDOSE -Senior Consultant Á Trainer


10plus Logo

10plus is an educational platform created in 2012 by a team of proffesors and proffesionals, as an alternative to traditional way of learning. Platform deliveres online courses by using state of the art communication technologies but also "classic" trainings indoor/ outdoor.



PECB – Founded in 2005, PECB Inc. is a certification body for a wide range of professional standards, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO/IEC 20000, ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 27005, ISO 22301, ISO 26000, ISO 22000, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 28000.


We integrate in management systems development process our IT solutions for documents control, action plan management for eliminating errors and wasted time for filling papers and processing records manually. In this way, we are able to deliver state of the art management systems based on Intranet web portals, systems which integrates best in class practices used by car makers and 1st tier suppliers.

Formel Q-Konkret training in Federal Mogul (ex: Honeywell)

Some statemens from Federal Mogul employees - Ploiesti, after Formel-Q Konkret 2days training was ended: " An well structured course and a presentation made in a way in which information was understoodable by each participant. " "The easy understaning of information related to Formel-Q; instructor's willigness and openess." Federal Mogul - Ploiesti staff members

Traceability solution implemented for a BMW project - Advanced Comfort Systems| CIE Automotive

" Following a request from one of our customers – major player in automotive industry on interior systems – an improvement of our traceability system was needed. Main challenge was to obtain real time data starting from raw material reception up to delivery of finish good, by using any smart device. O.M.S. development team did a fine job in helping us to achieve our objectives. Their team demonstrated a high level of professionalism right from the problem statement stage to prototype development, interfaces programming, deployment and training, and, not at last, their know-how about automotive industry and customer requirements. They stayed right on target and they were always receptive to feedback and changes. We look forward to continuing our professional relationship with O.M.S. and we recommend their software as a consulting service approach. "

Andon web-based system implemented in Euro-APS| Faurecia

"I have been working with Alexandru TUDOSE and Marius OPREA (OMS) in 2013 during development of an Andon web based system for Euro APS - Faurecia Pitesti. The stability of the product, OMS's large experience in process design based on lean principles, their quick reaction and openness for continual improvement of their solution to our needs were the key factors in selecting OMS as a partner for this innovative project. OMS’s performance during project phases was outstanding by delivering project's outputs with excellent outcomes, putting OMS in a role model position for other suppliers from same industry "


Some of our customers


Automotive Glass Aliance Russia

Formel-Q Konkret training and consulting

Glasscorp Romania

ISO 14001 training - induction level

GMB Autoparts

GMB Autoparts Romania

ISO TS 16949 consulting



ISO TS 16949 consulting


Advanced Comfort Systems

ISO TS 16949| Customer specific requirements consulting

Politica de mediu ACS Romania| ACS Romania environmental policy

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OMS will organize a workshop/ presentation/ training related to VW Group customer specific requirements in Pitesti city, Arges county, Romania, EU, in the end of June (3 and 1/2 days, 27-30 June 2017). Intended of this workshop is to sustain the exchange of experience regarding VW Formel-Q in order to assure a proper implementation of related requirements and to plan the transition for IATF 16949:2016. Please contact Mr. Marius OPREA - Commercial Manager for booking your reservation
Marius OPREA - Commercial Manager| Consultant| Trainer
Phone: 004 0744 422 046

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PECB (C), a well-known ISO standards certification provider, has signed a partnership agreement with Operational Management Solutions. Joint forces will make sure that organizing and distribution of PECB ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 27001 courses take place in Romania with the help of proficient trainers.

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CIP training performed for Röchling Group

One day training was performed in September 2016 by OMS for top and middle management of RTT (Röchling Technische Teille) Romanian manufacturing site related to Continous Improvement Process. During training was discussed CIP design, implementation and operation. More, a short presentation of Lean and other improvement methods was provided.

Röchling is a family-owned, medium-sized corporate group that specializes in processing engineering plastics. Röchling Group is one of the global leaders in this field.

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Operational Management Solutions 117715 - Stefanesti, Strada Calea Bucuresti, nr. 99, Arges county- Romania

Romanian: +40 (0) 744 422 046
Marius OPREA - Commercial Manager| Consultant| Trainer

English: +40 (0) 724-349179
Alexandru TUDOSE - Systems Development Leader| Consultant| Trainer


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