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We are an Informational Consulting and Training Company working in automotive industry sector.

Company was founded in 2013 to provide consulting services and workshops-training. In comparison with similar companies we come with a new concept – to improve management systems by developing Intranet Portals.

We provide consultancy in management systems design, implementation, certification and improvement, based on IATF 16949,ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards and we provide workshop and trainings for special subjects like VW Group(Formel-Q), Renault (ASES) customer-specific requirements. for quality management in automotive industry and environmental management.

Informational Consulting

We can help with IATF 16949, integration of customer-specific requirements, ISO 14001-ISO 45001 international standards.

Workshops and Training

Starting from core tools and up to IATF requirements including customer-specific requirements we can provide for you targeted workshop and training programmes

Audit Services Outsourcing

Transfer the hazard from your employees to us by outsourcing your second party audit or obtain an independent view from your internal audit.

Our expertise:

  • IATF 16949 / Customers Specific Requirements management systems design, implementation and certification
  • ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 integration
  • Lean manufacturing implementation
  • Automotive industry trainings


Alexandru TUDOSE – Senior Integrated Management Systems Consultant and Trainer for Automotive Industry

Alexandru TUDOSE

Phone: +40 724 349 179


Personal web site – qualifications: https://alexandrutudose.ro/my-studies/

Linkedin: Alexandru TUDOSE

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Alex19970215