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First tier supplier – from QMS improvement to IATF 16949 transition and beyond


From the beginning of 2014 OMS has started to work with the company team to improve the actual QMS system.

Project targets were:

  • reinforce the compatibility with ISO/TS 16949 requirements
  • simplification of documentation
  • reinforce core-tools deployment, especially APQP & Control Plan and FMEA, then links to 8D/Problem Solving
  • improve access to documentation by integration with SharePoint , utilization of hyperlinks and VBA for task automation as much as possible

For OMS team, thank you for all your help and support during integrated management system re-engineering project.  At the end of the project positive remarks such are the re-structuring of Integration Management System processes through a new process map, better process descriptions and follow up through utilization of new Excel –based infrastructure, the new online tool GAP – Global Action Plan (Database created for effective control of corrections/corrective-preventive actions) and, not at least an improved problem solving process were stated by our certification body.

Mrs. .., Integrated System Manager of the Company in Romania.
Topoloveni city, Arges County-RO,
EU, 2014-09-26


In 2018 we restarted our collaboration with Bamesa for a new project: IATF 16949 transition preparation.

The project goal was to review actual QMS and implement new/updated requirements of IATF 16949.

Together with company management team, the following activities were performed:

  • Plan and perform necessary training for Bamesa management team
  • review existent documentation
  • analyse and implement CSR Renault revision 2017 in QMS
  • Develop product safety procedures and work instructions, forms
  • Develop and implement risks and opportunities control system, reinforce process approach
  • Assure support in develop and monitor planning for new equipment integration (Gant, risks identification and mitigation, progress follow..)
  • Update internal audit process
  • Implement other specific requirements and create templates and other documents
  • Perform internal audit and report the status to management team
  • Assure support to management review


During the 2019 summer, we were involved in corrective action plan coordination following the IATF certification body surveillance audit.

As part of the action plan, we have initiated utilization of share point/ office 365 by:

  • establishing documentation structure and users access
  • perform training for Quality Department employees regarding utilization of share point/ office 365 tools – Planner and files/ folders management


During first half of 2020 I have coordinated the preparation for IATF surveillance audit including the follow of corrective action plan. COVID-19 issue trigger a digital transformation wave who arrives also in customer plant.

Until the fall of 2020 we have developed and installed several digital tools, like for example:

  • Internal audit module: schedule and follow internal audit process
  • Technical Sheets portal: integration of product technical sheets into a digital portal

We have increased also the utilization of SharePoint/ Office 365 by developing a Quality System intranet site.

About our customer

This company is one of the international leaders in Steel Service Centers located in seven countries with a processing capacity of over 2.5 million tons per year of flat carbon steel, and production facilities covering a total area of more than 700,000 m2.


Alexandru TUDOSE

Phone: +40 724 349 179



Personal web site – qualifications:


Linkedin: Alexandru TUDOSE

Formel-Q workshop – June 2017

Between 27-30 June 2017, Operational Management Solutions provided a detailed workshop regarding VW Group Formel-Q for S.S. Cam Agar.

The goal of this training, hold by OMS in Bascov, Arges county, Romania was to provide an understanding of what is requested in Formel-Q and how to understand the requirements and implement as part of customer audit preparation.

During 4 days were discussed requirements regarding:

  • Formel-Q capability
  • Formel-Q new parts qualification program
  • Supplier assesment
  • Continuous improvement

It were presented practical examples and case studies which helps participants to understand how to practically implement the requirements.

The workshop was appreciate by participants:

“Experience exchange as a strenghtness”

, concludes Mrs. Leysan Galiluna, Chief of AGAR Laboratories after this 5 days workshop-training.

Interested? ..visit our workshop and training section.

Ameliorarea unor procese pentru a asigura compatibilitarea cu cerintele VDA 6.3/D-TLD

Acest proiect a avut drept scop analiza proceselor și identificarea posibilităților de îmbunătățire ale proceselor unei organizații specializata in asamblarea componentelor și a echipamentelor de interior pentru producătorul auto Volkswagen Group/Audi. 

Activitățile au presupus o evaluare inițială a desfășurării proceselor actuale, a identificării diferențelor dintre practica curentă și cerințele specifice Volksagen (Formel Q-Konkret) precum și implementarea schimbărilor necesare.

Echipa OMS a efectuat următoarele activități:

  • audit intern în baza VDA 6.3 pentru a identifica zonele de amelioare necesare
  • implementarea unor procese necesare avtivităților de management proiect, inspecție recepție, 8D, audit furnizori potențial
  • ameliorarea FMEA process, Control Plan și standarde de lucru pentru linia de asamblare a clientului
  • instruirea personalului din Departamentul Calitate pentru SSA (Supplier Self Assesment)

Auditul efectuat de client s-a incheiat cu rezultatul B – furnizor acceptat pentru noul proiect Audi.