accessory part

customer-specified additional component(s) that are either mechanically or electronically connected to the vehicle or powertrain before (or after) delivery to the final customer “(e.g., custom floor mats, truck bed liners, wheel covers, sound system enhancements, sunroofs, spoilers, super-chargers, etc.)

advanced product quality planning (APQP)

product quality planning process that supports development of a product or service that will satisfy customer requirements; APQP serves as a guide in the development process and also a standard way to share results between organizations and their customers; APQP covers design robustness, design testing and specification compliance, production process design, quality inspection standards, process …

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Definiție AMDE este un acronim pentru Analiza Modului de Defectare și a Efectelor. Conform manualului AIAG VDA versiunea 2019, AMDE este o metodă sistematică, bazată pe lucrul în echipă aplicată pentru: Evaluarea riscurilor tehnice potențiale de defectare a produsului și procesului Analiza cauzelor și a efectelor acestor defectări Documentarea acțiunilor preventive și de detecție Recomandarea …

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A device that calls attention to defects, equipment abnormalities, other problems, or reports the status and needs of a system typically by means of lights – red light for failure mode, amber light to show marginal performance, and a green light for normal operation mode. Examples: