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Quality Management System documentation

Operational Management Solutions is here to help you with free templates and articles related to Quality Management, Core tools, Lean manufacturing, and more.

The goal is to establish a free tools repository to help companies to properly implement a Quality System in a lean way.

Materials are in Romanian or English.


List of specific QMS, EMS and OH&S and other specific terms.

Arborele de defectare

Noțiuni introductive referitoare la arborele de defectare, utilizarea arborelui de defectare pentru identificarea defectelor.

Contingency Plans

About contingency plans, how to implement, maintain and improve.

Process FMEA

How to implement a robust Process FMEA.

Visual aids

Improve your internal communication with visual aids.

Work instructions development

How to correctly develop a work instruction.

Free tools licensing

We are distributing materials for free, according to GNU GPL V3 license – it means that you can use it at your free will as long as you will not deny the same right by copyrighting the provided material (file and related software). We hope that it will be useful for you!

Template is according AIAG 4th edition manual.


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