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IATF 16949, Formel-Q VW Group, Renault ASES and ISO 14001-ISO 45001| ISO 27001 and TISAX

During years, O.M.S. consultants earn experience in merging customers QMS with CSR – customers specific requirements. By working for various customers within automotive industry, including OEM and 1st tier suppliers, O.M.S. specialists gather experiences with Renault ASES, VW Group Formel-Q, so on.

We develop new management systems by including automation and elimination of papers as much as it is possible, by providing digital solutions, starting from Office automation using VBA up to complete web-based Intranet portals.

Provided Informational Consulting services

IATF 16949/ISO 9001- Quality Management System for Automotive Industry or other industries

Customer-specific requirements

ISO 14001-ISO 45001 – Environmental, Health and Safety Management System

O.M.S. will start QMS design and implementation process with a initial assesment. During this 0 phase we will analyze your current processes to see the gaps between your procedures and IATF-customer specific requirements such for example Renault ASES audit, as well as the possibility for implementation of best industry practices in your process.

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Case study: QMS improvement and transition (blog)

In addition to IATF 16949 requirements there are lot of customer requirements which shall to be fulfilled by any parts supplier. If for example you deliver parts to Renault-Nissan you have to integrate in your QMS Renault’s requirements as it are stated in “Customer-Specific Requirements For Use With ISO/TS 1694.” This is a document published on on IATF site. OEM Customer-Specific Requirements.

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OMS consultants has experience in implementation of integrated management systems according ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 requirements for various companies, especially within automotive industry.

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TISAX/ ISO 27001 – Information Security Management Systems

With more than 10 years experience in on high available infrastructure solutions and disaster recovery and working with information management system at a corporate level O.M.S. is ready to assist you in implementation and certification of a robust security management system or to integrate TISAX requirements within actual management system.

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Integrated management systems sustained by digital tools

Do you consider modern systems based on digital tools solutions? If you will access our information consulting services you will get the following solutions (if you want):

Implementation of 3 digital tools as part of consulting service

DCS – Documents Controller System

This digital tool is a system to control internal and external documents – starting from creation, up to utilization, and disposal. We will provide this solution if your company does not have an Intranet SharePoint portal or if you expressly request this. This digital tool will be provided for free if you access one of our information consulting program.

ORC – Online Risk Controller and OTAM-Online Tasks and Actions Management

With this couple of digital tools, you will be able to control the identification and assessment of risks/ opportunities and related tasks, actions.

All digital tools will be customized to fit your processes and are licensed according to GNU GPL terms.

Do you prefer your SharePoint portal instead? Or WordPress?

We can support installation and configuration in cloud or on premise and develop workflows by using forms, lists and other structure.

The services related to digital transformation are provided by our partner – Omnium Software Products.

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