Workshop-Training| Technical

Engineering Drawing and geometrical tolerancing

This training provides to lectures necessary competences to read, document engineering drawings and to understand concept.

Level 1: Induction (12 hours – 2 days 6 hours/day)

Level 2: Advanced (12 hours – 2 days 6 hours/day)

To attend to Advanced Level is necessary to complete Induction level.

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Quality Control

By taking this course participants will be able to integrate within a quality department due the understanding of quality terms, tools and quality control methods.

According ISO 9000, quality control is “a part of quality management focused on fulfilling quality requirements”.

2 days x 6 hours per day

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Gages| Development and Validation in automotive industry

By taking this course participants will be able to understand how to develop and validate gages, by understanding gage lifecycle, starting from specifications up to release to production process.

12 hours – 2 days 6 hours/day

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TPM| Total Productive Maintenance

This course aims to familiarize staff with TPM – a method designed to change the paradigm “production must produce, maintenance must repair”. This method causes the production and maintenance departments to work simultaneous to maintain the reliability of the equipment for a long time.

12 hours – 2 days x 6 hours/day

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