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In-house and online trainings about core tools, IATF 16949, customer specific requirements, ISO 14001-ISO 45001 and more..

What do you need to understand for this year..

We have delivered training programmes related to IATF 16949 topics like process approach, Volkswagen requirements, D FMEA and P FMEA.

Due different goals of training goals, we organize them in different ways, based on effectiveness of training:

Project based-workshop

If you want to have 100% effectiveness in solving your particular issue (for example implementation of Formel-Q requirements), we suggest to organize the training as an workshop.

In this way we will organize the training as presentation of theory then we can work together to establish necessary actions for implementation of specific tools, requirements..

This way for training delivery is the most effectiveness from our experience.

This training can be organized online or in-house (in your site).

Why to work with OMS?

You will receive free consultancy for 10 days, free electronic files and real life examples.

During the training students will receive free templates which can be used for implementation of new methods.

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