Outsource your internal audit

Access Internal Audit Outsourcing to understand how you can perform supplier audit in an easy way.

For small and mid-size companies this is the best approach. It is sustained by several arguments, like:

  • the cost of asking the presence of an internal auditor is large compared to the cost of using a local auditor
  • you want to see an objective status of your current management system implementation (quality, environment, health and safety, data protection including cybersecurity)
  • your company is small, there are not enough employees in the offices to perform the audit in an independent way
  • you have a small business in automotive industry and you don’t have enough time to follow all details about implemented Quality Management System
  • you have a high turn-over employees ratio

By using our internal audit competences, you can conduct an onsite Internal audit, Gap analysis for new standards/ requirements (especially customer-specific requirements).

We are able to perform internal audit according most of the standards worldwide including but not limited to: ISO 9001, IATF 16949, VDA 6.3, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and many other standards and customer-specific requirements including ISO 27001 and TISAX.

OMS Services

  • Manage your internal audit programme in coordination with you
  • Plan and perform internal audits

We are able to perform:

For internal manufacturing process audit we are able to check the process according CQI standards too.