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Outsource your supplier process audit

During this time you are faced with same IATF 16949 requirements regarding supplier audit but you have the same resources.

Supplier auditing is a very important quality management tool, which is used to assess the capability of a particular supplier to deliver products of demanded quality based on an error-free manufacturing process.

OMS can help you in various way to perform this difficult process by performing on your behalf audits in your supplier facility.

The audit will be performed by OMS auditors based on the supplier situation:

Potential supplier initial assessment through second-party audit

When you want to start a collaboration with an unknown supplier the risks can be high. Therefore, a potential supplier assessment is needed.

Supplier production approval audit

The Supplier project is ready to pass to mass production but there is a risk that not all methods/ tools were implemented in a manner in which potential risks are mitigated.

More, your customer and IATF request to audit your supplier.

In this situation, OMS can perform this audit for you by using OMS forms and procedures your yours, at your will.

Regularly Audits

A roust implemented Quality Management System will program audits for suppliers according the risks involved.

OMS Services

OMS will provides the following services:

1. Prepare audit plan

  • Establish the auditors’ team
  • Review/ customize audit checklist
  • Create audit plan
  • Explain process audit to observer (if there is requested)

2. Perform audit in supplier site

  • Perfom audit’s openning meeting
  • Document findings
  • Issue nonconformities report
  • Communicate findings’s summary to audited persons

3. Audit closure

  • Review final audit report and send
  • Follow/ check implementation of actions

New service: VDA 6.3 audits

Since January 2020 we are able to perform internal and supplier audits according VDA 6.3 standard. We will be back with more information..