documented description of the systems and processes required for controlling the manufacturing of product (see Annex A).

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Annex A: Control Plan

Source: IATF 16949 terms and definitions

A control plan covers three distinct phases, as appropriate:

a) Prototype: a description of the dimensional measurements, material, and performance tests that will occur during building of the prototype. The organization shall have a prototype control plan, if required by the customer.

b) Pre-launch: a description of the dimensional measurements, material, and performance tests that occur after prototype and before full production. Pre-launch is defined as a production phase in the process of product realization that may be required after prototype build.

c) Production: documentation of product/process characteristics, process controls, tests, and measurement systems that occur during mass production.

A control plan includes, as a minimum, the following contents:
General data
a) control plan number
b) issue date and revision date, if any
c) customer information (see customer requirements)
d) organization’s name/site designation
e) part number(s)
f) part name/description
g) engineering change level
h) phase covered (prototype, pre-launch, production)
i) key contact
j) part/process step number
k) process name/operation description
l) functional group/area responsible

Product control
a) product-related special characteristics
b) other characteristics for control (number, product or process)
c) specification/tolerance
Process control
a) process parameters (including process settings and tolerances)
b) process-related special characteristics
c) machines, jigs, fixtures, tools for manufacturing (including identifiers, as appropriate)
a) evaluation measurement technique
b) error-proofing
c) sample size and frequency
d) control method
Reaction plan
a) reaction plan (include or reference)



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