non-fulfilment of a requirement.

ISO 9000.

IATF recommandations:

Formulate a nonconformity as follows:

  1. statement
  2. standard requirement
  3. objective evidence – prove of nonconformity and justification (why is minor, major..)

Recommended format:


[standard requirement]

[objective evidence]

[Classification {minor, major}]
[justification for classification]



The analysis of measurement devices is not fully performed according the criteria in automotive reference Manual (AIAG MSA).

Objective evidence:

Last statistical studies 2018: 1) Attributes – 11/02/2018 – Detection of holes on plastic part component 15032532 – 3 operators / 20 parts. Not 50 parts are used as preconized on MSA 4th edition. 2) Variables – X44 LH Door panel – 12/2018 – Position of push button in X direction – point 2.7 – Tolerance 3,05 / -2.05 mm – R&R = 5,51%. Not ndc is evidenced for this R&R Study.



Justification for classification:

documental deviation due to template in use; verified previous R&R Studies done for projects on different templates, the criteria of MSA 4th edition are adequately applied; no impact on customer/conformity of products delivered are evidenced because these deviations in measurement system analysis.